Garrett Mears and team help founders with their technology to deliver on their business objectives — aligning technology strategy with business strategy and providing a structure for delivery.

This includes the product, system architecture, team and development process.

Some of the ways that Garrett and team can help include


Consult and advise at the executive level on technology strategy and decisions that best support business objectives.

Architecture review

Assess the suitability of a proposed or existing technical architecture and make recommendations to best align with the overall business strategy.


Mentor first-time CTOs or emerging technology leaders taking on additional responsibilities that often include hiring, managing people, defining a product roadmap, motivating a team, and managing expectations with the board and executive team.

Technical due diligence preparation

Perform a technical due diligence exercise to objectively advise the team of areas of strength and weakness ahead of seeking investment.

Technical interviewing

Conduct interviews and support in hiring of technical staff and CTOs — particularly when the existing team is non-technical.
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My Experience

There is a theme that runs through Garrett’s background and experience — organising and motivating teams to build quality and impactful software. Leading from within the team initially, he recognised the need to improve not only the structure of the software but also how the team works. He quickly became a proponent of agile methodologies and continues to apply them in a practical way.

Crossing the pond from the US in 2006, Garrett became established as a technology leader and CTO contributing to multiple London-based startups. He worked closely with founders, CEOs and product owners repeatedly building software, teams and products in both self-funded and venture-backed companies. A key part of this experience was adopting an empathetic approach that motivated team members and aligned their personal goals with that of the company.

Wanting to make a bigger impact, Garrett started working as a Technical Advisor and Freelance CTO in 2016. This is a flexible way that Garrett can work with interesting companies on a fractional basis before they require a senior, full-time CTO. Garrett has also helped to fill gaps in technical leadership, acting as an Interim CTO and providing maternity cover.

As well as working with startups, Garrett conducts technical due diligence for venture capital and private equity firms. Having worked on over 100 projects, this offers insight into a broad range of industries along with knowledge of emergent technologies and best practices. This work has included companies in Fintech, Edtech, Hrtech, Insurtech, Healthtech, Traveltech, Proptech, and Legaltech.

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